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Transcription Business – A Whole New Meaning

Transcription refers to the process of conversion of audio into text format. This is usually carried out by manual typists called as transcriptionists or by automated transcriber softwares. As softwares tend to be highly inaccurate, and whose accuracy fluctuates with clarity of audio, transcriptionists are still the preferred option for transcription.

Transcription services have demand from across the boardVideo Corporativo Ejemplo, when it comes to industrial sectors, academic circles and independent media content producers. Businesses conduct interviews, seminars, talks, discussions etc. Research institutes and universities also conduct interviews, workshops, speeches of dignitaries etc. These interactions are all recorded for reference. And to make archiving of these recordings more meaningful, these are transcribed too. Now-a-days, with digital audio/video formats making it easier to record, store and transfer audiovisual data, we have a whole new bunch of independent media producers like podcasters, webcasters, documentary makers etc. There is a heavy demand for transcription from these new-age professionals too. Then we have the legal firms, tech firms, healthcare services etc. who are also needing specialized transcription services, owing to the terminology laced nature of their recordings.

The choice of a transcription company is undoubtedly an important one to be made. The service you select must have adequate experience and expertise in handling your project. A company that has a well-recognized clientele should be your best bet for quality transcripts. The transcripts must come out accurately and they must come to you in time. Your recordings may contain sensitive data, and so the service must have strong data security measures in place. And to top it all, transcription is a supplementary requirement, and so it should be ideally a low cost affair. A transcription service that meets all these criteria is the best one to go for.

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