Television With High Contrast and Sleek Design

Do you like to have a lovely television hanging on your wall? What are the things that you look for when it comes to televisions? Is high contrast ratio important to you? How about the thickness of the television? The good thing here is that real high definition and fashionable television is already available in the market. LED TVs are now surfacing the television world bringing down the quality of plasma TVs and LCD TVs.

LED TVs are high definition televisions that use LEDs or light emitting how to delete a mega account diodes as the back light of the LCD panel instead of the CCFLs or cold cathode fluorescent lamps. These LEDs are smaller in size and longer in life span. This makes the LED TVs more power efficient because they consume less energy. It is also more environment-friendly because no mercury is used in any part of the television.

LED TVs have two major varieties: full array or backlit and edge-lit. Backlit is the type wherein the LEDs are placed at the back of the LCD panel. The benefit of having this type is the capability for local dimming. Local dimming is done when the LEDs are turned on and off independently while the television is in use. This results to deep darkness that plasma TVs have and high brightness that LCD TVs give. This means that LED TVs are the best when it comes to high definition televisions. This high definition TV gives higher contrast of 2 million to 1 ratio as compared to the other televisions.

The edge-lit is when the LEDs are placed along the edges of the panel. Edge-lit TVs can be as slim as one inch thick because there’s no need to place LED panels at the back. They are also lighter so they are easier to hang on walls. They can have a sleek and stylish exterior.


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