Some of the Common Items in Men’s Clay Shooting Clothing

Clay shooting, as the name indicates, is all about shooting inanimate clay objects that are fixed or mobile. Clay shooting is the best way to learn shooting and practice aiming at moving objects. While you needn’t worry about losing your prey, clay shooting lets you develop concentration and right aiming. With items like clay pigeons you could practice as long as you want until you learn to aim and shoot at moving objects with perfection. Just as every sports item has its own costumes, there is appropriate clothing for clay shooting that suits men and women, adults and children. However, when it comes to variety in types and designs, men’s clothing stands first.

As clay shooting is an item that doesn’t require you to venture into woods or forests, you are practically free to practice the shooting in any costume. However, shooting at clay objects is most often a preliminary stage followed by actual shooting outdoors for which you have to wear appropriate clothing.Hence, practicing clay shooting also in its corresponding attire can help you get comfortable in shooting clothing.

A casual glance at the different costumes available in various stores for clay shooting will tell you the real story. There are so many items such as vests, jackets, coats, breeks, ties, boots and a lot more. Browsing for men’s clay shooting clothing is easy today with internet at your aid. There are several online stores that could provide you with different clothing items for men to practice their shooting. If you are beginner in shooting clay objects, here are a few common items that are a part of clay shooting:

Shooting vests

Clay shooting vests are available for shooters who are both left handed and right handed. They come specially padded so that your shoulders are protected from recoil while shooting. They come in different sizes to fit men of various statures. They have side vents and adjusters that allow the shooter enough breathability. Most vests are made of a combination of fabrics such a mesh material with calf skin suede for shoulders for protection and cotton lining for the right appearance. They have multiple pockets large in size to carry various items at the time of shooting.

Shooting coats

Coats are suitable for extreme climatic conditions like rain or wind. They also come with extra padding to provide enough warmth during winter. Most of the shooting coats are waterproof and wind proof. Just like the vests, these coats also have spacious pockets with side  yalla shoot vents for breathability. The collars of shooting coats are specially designed so that they can protect the neck and at the same time allow gun mount.

Shooting shirts

Shirts that you wear for shooting have to be cool and comfortable. They need to provide an impressive appearance and at the same time let you move your body and hands freely and comfortably. Shooting shirts come in different materials and cotton is the most common material. You’ll also find cotton mixed with other fabrics like polyester. As clay shooting doesn’t require caution from alerting the prey, you could find different colours, both bright and subtle.

Shooting breeks and trousers

Breeks that men wear for clay shooting comes in different materials, but most commonly in cotton or wool and sometimes wool mixed with nylon and nycra that allows extra durability and stretch. They are available in various colours and sizes and are ideal to wear while you are wearing boots. Similarly, trousers for shooting are also made of durable materials that are light weight so that you can move around freely. They often come with adjustable waist and extra-large pockets.

includes a lot more items other than what are listed above. You could also find gloves, boots, ties, jeans, shoes, sweaters, etc. Most of the popular brands of shooting clothing offer these items that you could browse easily today in their online stores. Some online stores offer the shooters starter packs that include all the necessary clothing items that a beginner shooter requires.


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