Simple Strategy to Increase tiktok Followers Naturally and Fast

I have no doubt you are using twitter or have heard about it in one way or another. If you don’t have, shame on you. Just joking. If you don’t have a twitter account or don’t use it, it is time you do. In any case, please follow me at I have been with twitter for only about 3 months, only most recently, precisely a week ago that I have found out an excellent strategy to increase followers naturally and fast. This article is my humble attempt to share what I have learned and how you can implement it too with your twitter account, whether you have been with twitter for years or for just a day, and increase your followers on an average of 50 to 100 a day.

The Golden rule in twitter is, if you want someone to follow you, follow them first. This is the whole idea of what we call networking. It is also, I suppose a great rule of thumb in life. Let say for example, the issue of friendship. If you want to gain friends, you must be friendly. No one is gonna come to your side if you aren’t, right?

One other thing you need to consider here is about relevancy. Relevancy plays a big part in twitter too. Of course you want people to زيادة متابعين تيك توك follow you, but not just any person, you want of course that those who will follow you likes the stuff that you like. You wouldn’t want somebody twitting about adult stuff when you are twitting about raising children, no? Of course not!

So, look for people of similar persuasion as you. And the best way to do this is by using Twitter Search. Just click on the tab “Find people” and type in your kind of niche, say “Religion”, or maybe “raising children”. Something like that. Twitter will automatically list user names that tweets on the keyword or keywords you typed. Follow those that are listed. As the saying goes, “Birds of the same feather flocks together”, chances is that, those people that you have followed will follow you back. They will maybe check your profile, like I do, to see if what you are twitting is relevant to theirs, and if it is, they will for sure follow you back. You can also retweet a few of their tweets to show you are serious about following. While it is not a guarantee that 100% will follow you back, a 50% follow-back is not bad at all, that’s base on my experience.

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