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Resource Management Software for Improving Workforce Productivity

Cost competitiveness created by globalisation is forcing companies around the world to look at various ways of reducing workforce cost. One of the most effective ways is to improve workforce productivity through improved resource management. Efficient resource management is not only going to improve productivity of current workforce, but it is also going to improve accuracy of future workforce planning.

How to improve productivity of current workforce?
For improving productivity of current workforce, it is critical is to assign right type of work to the right person at the right time across the organisation. In other words, it is important to have close match between the skills, strength and liking of an employee with the type of work he/she performs. This needs system, which can help the company in forward planning and scheduling right employees against the right type of the work. Traditional resourcing spreadsheet or basic calendaring tools are limiting and cumbersome. They cannot match growing demand of fast changing business dynamics. Companies require dedicated resource management system, which is designed from scratch to manage and achieve improved productivity of current workforce.

Dedicated resource management software can create enterprise wide visibility of the capability of the employees i.e. skill, role, experience, training etc. So that the right employee can be easily picked for the right job irrespective of departmental, team, office or city boundaries. This ensures optimum utilisation of employees across the organisation. Resource management software is designed to capture, organise and display organisation wide employee capability and availability information. resource management services 

It is also critical to measure and track employee usage and balance work load across the organisation. Information about employee usage should be readily available to identify over and under allocation of work. Accordingly new work can be allocated and existing work can be easily reallocated to other employees across.

How to improve accuracy of future workforce planning?
In large organisation it is really difficult to manually calculate an accurate demand and supply of human resources for future needs. This is because lack of visibility of workforces caused by complex organisational structures, matrix management, variety of work and projects etc. If you want to enable accurate human resource planning in order to maximise the utilisation of your employees, then it is important that you implement a proper centralised system with the right processes.

Dedicated resource management system can keep up with the pace of your dynamic organisation and continuously track the supply and demand of human resources in order to support you bridge the inefficiency gap. When finding the right system for your human resource planning, the system should be able to do following:

1. Determine current and future SUPPLY of employees
2. Determine current and future DEMAND of employees
3. Match DEMAND with SUPPLY and determine the shortfall or excess of employees
4. Create and implement plan to bridge the gap between DEMAND & SUPPLY

You can effectively enhance usage and productivity of your workforce by using SAVIOM Resource Management Software. This software is specially designed for this purpose and is available at affordable price.

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