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How to Read Horse Racing Comments

When reading a daily racing program and trying to figure out the horse stud of the race. Once you know the basics its important not to leave out the horse racing comments at the end of each race. Its good to know what they mean and can give you very good insight. Maybe the horse had a legitimate excuse for losing the last race or one in the past. Here is datos de carreras americanas a break down of racing comments and what they mean.

Race Comments:

What exactly do those comments in the past performance mean?

Altered course: When he changes paths, usually in the stretch run.
Blocked/Boxed: When a he is caught in traffic and has no running room.
Bore in/Boreout: When he sharply veers in or out.
Checked: When a rider has to pull on the reins, altering the horse’s stride.
Clipped Heels: Usually in close quarters; when a horse steps on the heels of another horse causing its rider to take up sharply.
Driving: Applies to the winner; a horse that wins under constant urging.
Eased: A horse that is far behind with no chance; rider lets him gallop home.
Evenly: A horse maintains relatively the same position throughout the race.
Flattened Out: When a horse moves into a striking position but does not go on.
Greenly: Usually applies to a horses with little/no racing experience; horse may weave in the stretch or race forwardly, drop back, then come on again.
Handily: Applies to the winner; a horse that wins well in command
Hung: A horse that bids for the lead in stretch but runs out of gas and flattens out.
Loomed Boldy: When he makes strong bid for the lead.
Pressed pace: When he with good speed forces the pace set by rivals
Rank: When a horse relaxes and settles off the pace but in good position.
Rated: When he fits its jockey and is unmanageable, especially on the lead.
Saved Ground: When a horse races along the rail, taking the shortest path.
Speed: Used in conjunction with position on the track to show the horse was prominent to a certain point in the race.

Scan through each horse and you will really tell the character of that horse that is running. If you come across a race that is uncharacteristic of the others look at these horse racing comments they will tell you a lot. Not only these horse racing comments but others too. Like gave best or horse bled~ All crucial horse racing information that can help you examine its true potential.

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