How GPS Fleet Management Is Beneficial

Unless you’re making a dash for the border, every car or truck benefits from GPS fleet management. Whether you’re the driver of the truck or the CEO behind the desk tracking your fleet, there are several convincing reasons why GPS isn’t only a luxury, but a necessity.

Let’s start from the driver’s perspective. If you’re tired, lost, your phone dies, or some unimaginable thing happens on the road you can take comfort in knowing someone always can find out where you are. It’s a safety issue that gives you permanent peace of mind. In the worst of times it’s the last line of defence. In the best of times, your boss doesn’t need to rely on your word to know how efficiently you’re driving-he can know exactly what time you’re making. If you’re doing your job properly you not only have nothing to hide, but reason to advertise! Be rewarded and get congratulated for your work.

For those managing a fleet of trucks, it pays to know where your team is at all times. It allows you to control the bottom end of your business. Gaining this key fleet management purchasing information allows you to learn about efficiency of your routes by monitoring how long it takes to drive certain distances in a specific amount of time. If you experience delays in the same section every time you drive there, you can alter future routes, making your operation as smooth as possible.

GPS Tracking also acts as a motivator. The driver knows his truck is fixed with the device, and you’ll be able to gauge whether he’s taking too many breaks or not. Fleet tracking keeps all your drivers honest, but because it benefits them too they can’t really feel it’s invasive.

Finally, GPS Tracking systems don’t merely show dots on a map corresponding to the location of a truck. They provide comprehensive programs that compute helpful information: dozens of user-defined alerts, automated fuel-tax reporting, prevent unauthorized after hours use of vehicles, and even provides dozens of delivery reports. The alerts are particularly interesting-you can set it to immediately e-mail the designated person to indicate whether certain speeds, restricted zones entry/exit, or dozens of other thresholds have been met or exceeded. These tools are used by dispatchers, upper management, accounting, and payroll to look at day-to-day events or historical trends.

There are different GPS Fleet Management systems out there, and it’s up to you to find the one that matches your needs best, but hopefully you realise now that putting one in place is the only way to provide invaluable information for your company immediately.

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