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Common Myths about Rodent Pest Control

Since humans have been living in houses, rats have been a problem. Rodents and mice can easily enter homes through tiny holes in the structure. They will then take up residence in crawl spaces, air-duct systems and other dark, unoccupied areas. They are attracted to human food and can infect a family’s food supply.

Many myths about rodent control have been created over the years. To properly control rodent pests, you need to know the difference between reality and fiction. Here are some common myths about rat exterminator and the truth behind them.

Myth: A cat is all you need to control rodents.

Fact: Although cats and dogs may chase and sometimes kill rats and mice, rodents can usually escape from them by running to smaller spaces. Even with your best efforts, rodents can still infest homes by hiding in crawl spaces or traveling through air duct systems. Sometimes rodents can be attracted to your home by pets. Mice and rats will eat from the pet’s food or any food that has been spilled.

Myth: Rodents will not enter your home if you have good sanitation.

Fact: Mice can survive in very small spaces without food or shelter. Good sanitation will not necessarily eradicate them. However, it can make it more difficult for rodents in large numbers to thrive. Good sanitation, when used in conjunction with traps or baits, can reduce the food and shelter available for mice. It also helps to improve the effectiveness of pest control and prevention measures.

Myth: Cheese is the best bait for rodents.

Fact: Cheese can be baited for rodents but it is not as attractive as it seems in the media. Professional pest control workers will use peanut butter, chocolate, and meat to lure mice. A moist food is better for mice than dry food because they get their water from the food. Even cotton balls can be used for nesting by rodents.

Myth: A rodent’s worst instinct is to chew.

Fact: While homeowners often focus on the damage that mice and rats can do to their property, this is not the best reason to eradicate a rodent infestation. Rats and mice can spread diseases to your food by droppings, urine, and fur.

Myth: Rodent bait can be the most effective method of controlling pests.

Fact: Rodent bait isn’t as effective as trapping rodents and rodent-proofing homes. You can eliminate all entry points for rodents and use traps to control them. These methods can be supplemented with baits, but rodent baits can be poisonous.

Myth: Making your own bait can kill rodents.

Fact: Rodent baits can be deadly. Health experts warn against using homemade baits. Only use registered baits with the EPA that have clearly been labeled. Follow the directions exactly.

There are many myths surrounding rodent control. It is important to research the best pest control services and do your homework. It is possible to eradicate rodents from your house by working with an exterminator who uses a multifaceted approach.

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