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Are Online Game Sites Harmful to You Computer?

Now that broadband is more available and cheaper the amount of people playing games online have grown in huge numbers. The amount of online game sites and arcades have also grown. Knowing this we can assume there are lots of online game sites out there that are going to try and harm your computer with viruses, spy-ware,ad-ware and other nasties.

Should we stop playing online games?  スマホゲームアプリおすすめ

No this is definitely not the answer, and playing games on the internet is just way to fun to give up that easy. Not all sites are out to hurt your computer. We just have to be smarter. A good antivirus and spy-ware protection will make it harder for any site to harm your computer, but we as humans have to be smarter when playing games online.

How can we protect our Computer when playing online?

There are many things to look out for and lots of ways you can help prevent your computer from being harmed. As mentioned above we will definitely have to get a good antivirus and spyware protection. Doing a search on a site can also be a good way to find out if anyone else has had problems with the site. Lots of people will report harmful game sites on forums and bulletin boards. Be very careful when giving personal details to sites when filling in online forms. Make sure the site is secure if you need to purchase things online. Only go to trusted sites.

Not all sites are out to harm your computer so don’t just assume your going to be a victim, but it is more reassuring to have a anti-virus and spy-ware program for protection.



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